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Improve your daily office processes and make digital transformation a breeze

  • Simplify onboarding
  • Improve your office
  • Find people and places
  • Book meeting rooms

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Key features

    Virtual office map

  • Quickly find anyone in the office
  • Positioning integrated with beacons
  • Locate important places (e.g. kitchen, conference rooms)
  • Check if a room is occupied or reserved

    Office management made simple

  • Book conference and meeting rooms
  • Report issues to Office Manager
  • Use the Availability Reporting Tool
  • Locate every printer in your office

    Software as a Service solution

  • Ready-to-sell product based on Azure
  • Office365 Integration
  • Fast implementation for any type of organisation
  • Web Panel Account management

No more awkward moments Have you ever walked into the wrong room?

With Zonifero you can make sure a room is not occupied at the moment. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a restroom or a conference room — you don’t have to knock, just take a quick look at your phone.

Quickly locate the nearest
free restroom

Someone might have forgotten to lock the door. You don’t want it to be your boss.

Never again disturb
some superimportant meeting

Avoid the wrath of your Project Manager.